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Well, I’m rhox. Also known as rhoxthebeast. I got bullied into streaming by my friends Awful Jokes and the infamous GOOCHTroll. You can thank them for my lack of camera-appeal.

I generally stream Pok√©mon games, but I’m sure I’ll eventually stream much more. Feel free to drop a follow on Twitch, YouTube, or Twitter; although, I’m certainly more active on Twitch than any of the others.

Blog Posts

Death is temporary, but completion is forever.

I may have failed, but I did so fiercely, stunningly and bravely.

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Nuzlocke Attempt Part 2

Well. Shit. I done goofed boys and girls. Everything was for naught. Makuhita really bulked itself up and swept mah whole team D: I’ve been a fool.

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Nuzlocke Attempt Part 1

So. May decimated my first Torchic, FARTBAG. Sad day. Second attempt went a little smoother. Still mostly just a lot of grinding.

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Hello world!

rhox is live! Well, rhox.org is live anyway. Who knows if rhoxthebeast is actually live. But you can check by at https://twitch.tv/rhoxthebeast to see if I am!

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