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Well, I’m rhox. Also known as rhoxthebeast. I got bullied into streaming by my friends Awful Jokes and the infamous GOOCHTroll. You can thank them for my lack of camera-appeal.

I generally stream Pok√©mon games, but I’m sure I’ll eventually stream much more. Feel free to drop a follow on Twitch, YouTube, or Twitter; although, I’m certainly more active on Twitch than any of the others.

Blog Posts

Hello world!

rhox is live! Well, rhox.org is live anyway. Who knows if rhoxthebeast is actually live. But you can check by at https://twitch.tv/rhoxthebeast to see if I am!

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Nuzlocke Attempt Part 2

Well. Shit. I done goofed boys and girls. Everything was for naught. Makuhita really bulked itself up and swept mah whole team D: I’ve been a fool.

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Nuzlocke Attempt Part 1

So. May decimated my first Torchic, FARTBAG. Sad day. Second attempt went a little smoother. Still mostly just a lot of grinding.

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